How to Donate

If you CARE, you can help! All you have to do is take the 1st step, then we will take care of the rest!

Step 1: Contact Us to Collect Your Charitable Donations

Step 2: We Allocate Donations that Best Align with Partner Organizations & Arrange for Delivery

Step 3: We Recycle & Redeploy Resources

Step 4: Together, we Equip, Engage, Empower Youth & Equalize Opportunities

donation process

To donate equipment or to make a monetary donation, please reach us at: (Email)

+1-650-308-8855 (Text)

+852 9318 3630 (WhatsApp).

To expedite, please send a photo of what you’d like to donate. If the items match what we accept as donations, we will contact you to coordinate contactless pickup at a time and date that would be mutually convenient.

After we collect the items from generous donors, we sort the items for different sports and match them with the wishlists of the organizations we work with.

If the partner organization is within a 25-mile radius of our headquarters, we would drive the items to donate.

If the partner organization is overseas or beyond a 25-miles radius of our headquarters, we will group items from different donors together to fill entire boxes before shipping them.

what we collect

We are delighted to collect like-new or gently used items for underserved youth. 

Sports clothes for youth

Sizes Up to Age 18; small adult sizes are great for tall teenagers.

Gently Used or Like-New:

Team Jerseys/Uniforms

Athletic Tops

Athletic Shorts

Long Soccer Socks

Goalie Jerseys

Tops & Leggings for Cycling or Yoga

New items only: 

Swimsuits/Swim Trunks


Baseball caps

sports shoes for youth

Gently Used or Like-New Cleats or Shoes for:










Sports equipment

Gently Used or Like-New:

Soccer Balls

Shin Guards

Goalie Gloves

Agility Training Tools



Lacrosse pads, helmets, and sticks

Golf clubs, balls and bags

Baseball gloves, bats, and catcher’s gear

Softball bats, balls, and catcher’s gear

Tennis Racquets from recent years & New Cans of Balls

Table Tennis Balls & Paddles

Lightweight & small portable exercise equipment such as jump ropes & resistance bands

Bicycles in safe and functional condition, without rust, corrosion or substantial chipped paint.

what we don’t accept

We are sorry that we don’t accept scooters, skis, snowboards, helmets, or heavily used gear.